Pre-Renovation Evaluation

If you are considering any home repair or remodeling project, you probably have a number of questions concerning the feasibility, cost, and risks associated with your project.  A couple of questions might be: how much should you budget for the project; can you actually build the project; what are some of the hidden risks should you watch out for?

If You Have Questions, JennAsh Consulting Can Help

JennAsh's consultants are trained professionals with experience planning, designing, and managing construction projects. We are dedicated to enhancing your lifestyle by working with you to create a home that suits your life. A JennAsh Pre-Renovation Evaluation starts with a site visit to your home where you share your requirements and we investigate your existing electrical, plumbing, and furnace systems, create a written report outlining our findings, and provide you with answers to your questions about the feasibility of your project.

The JennAsh Consulting Pre-Renovation Evaluation provides you with:
  • Answers directly related to your home renovation, repairs and construction.
  • The opportunity to ask questions about your home during this visit.
  • A visual diagnosis of your home's symptoms and an exploration of the best solutions.
  • A written report outlining the findings, challenges, and recommendations for next steps
  • A written proposed budget outline
  • A visual inspection of the interior and exterior of your home
  • An opportunity for you to determine if your money will be invested wisely

A Professional Service

The JennAsh Pre-Renovation Evaluation provides you with value you can trust since most "free-estimate" sales appointments are conducted by commissioned "sales professionals" who's goal is to sell you general contracting services, not provide you with guidance.  What makes us unique is your Pre-Renovation Evaluation service is conducted by an accredited design professional, who has earned their accreditation through post secondary engineering or architectural studies and applied experience, and is there to help you understand your options.

We are not commissioned sales people.  We're here to provide a service to help you understand your options.  Call the other guys if you want to be "sold" a new bathroom, kitchen, or basement renovation. If you want to know what the challenges are that you'll encounter and the budget you'll need for your project, call us at 613 405 0524.

Or, simply visit our site at JennAsh Consulting and book your appointment.
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